Chapter 1- An Angel Is Born

Once upon a time, in a place far, far away, there lived a little angel named Braeden. He and thousands of other little angels all lived under one cloud where they trained to be full-fledged angels, where they would protect the souls on earth, help souls fall in love, and defend the heavens from evil demons. This is a magic realm, a place of mystery, and for far too long, has been kept a secret.  Ancient times have talked about angels in the Bible, in stories, and even in comic books. With their mighty wings and golden, glowing halos, they have captivated souls since the dawn of time.  They represent goodness, light, and the word of God. They are non-denominational, and love you regardless what your soul may have believed on earth. They usually appear young in age, and they are beautiful.  It is easy to be captivated by their loving glowing light.

A few angels actually graduate and are given the reward of being reborn on earth, as an earth angel. Someday you may meet one. One day one may save your life.  They are not easy to spot, but once one has touched your heart, they have provided you with a priceless gift, and you will never forget him or her. Earth angels do not stay in one person’s life for a very long time; they have work to be done, and they seek out the troubles to fill it with love and light. Earth angels are the most loving creatures you will ever meet, as they have been touched by the very hand of God, and that love resides with their essence wherever they go.

Braeden is not an earth angel.  He’s barely an angel at all.  You see, Braeden just woke up as an angel and found himself at Angel Academy. Angel Academy doesn’t exist in the earthly world. There is no way to get there as a human, or any other type of being for that matter. It exists on the spiritual plane, right below heaven, above purgatory, and far out of touch from earth. Angels however, can twinkle in an out from Angel Academy to heaven and to earth. They can even go to purgatory, other dimensions and other scary places. Purgatory is a temporary place for souls when they do not go to heaven. There has never been anything but angels at Angel Academy, and other than God Almighty, there has never been anything else. Although every few hundred years or so, Jesus has been known to stop by Angel Academy. He spends most of his time in heaven. Although it is a God-proven fact that Jesus continues to go back and forth to earth. Word out on the street is he takes the form of beautiful sunsets across the world. You can hear mortals out loud saying “Oh Jesus! Just beautiful!”

Almost all of the angels were created all at the same time by God. At some point there weren’t enough angels to go around and God starting changing things around a bit. He sent out his earth angels to find worthy souls, pure of heart to be reborn as a new angel. Braeden has lived on earth and must have done some really great deed for mankind. It isn’t usually something like winning an earth prize or award and that makes you worthy. Some Earth Angels have selected people who lived a life full of love, continued to pay it forward, said please and thank you, and gave up his or her seat on the train for an elderly person. We can never really know what it was the Braeden did because we don’t know who Braeden really is.

We don’t really know what it was that made him extra special. He had a different mortal name, and he must have made an agreement with God to be an angel. He doesn’t remember and since he didn’t know his name, Eugenia gave him one when he went through Admissions. It’s also very possible Braeden was not even a male and was female.  If angels were allowed to swear, they would swear that Mother Theresa was here in Angel Academy somewhere, but probably as a dude angel.

Witnessing a new angel being “born” is one of God’s greatest creations. In the Great Hall, trumpets start to blow, and the angels from all over start to sing.  Their voices are like beautiful harps. Looking up in the Great Hall you can only see blue skies and clouds floating all around. There is no sun, but there is light everywhere.  At the center of the Great Hall is a circular room, with a golden cradle, glowing, surrounded by small little clouds. Hypnotic lights, glittering with gold and silver explode with miniature fireworks.  An angel is about to be born.  With a little poof of gold dust, there sat the cutest little baby angel. He is just so adorable.  He would make someone think of the famous photographer, Anne Geddes who photographed baby’s looking like little angels. He didn’t have wings yet, but his energy field formed little baby wings on his shoulders. He blinked once and then in a cloud of gold dust he went POOF and he was suddenly ten years older.

“Where am I?” he said.

He heard a voice say “Wait for it.” And POOF, he was again about 4-5 years older.

He stumbled out a “Huh? What just happened?”

A female voice said “Welcome to Angel Academy my dear little angel! You have gone through a birthing transformation.  In a blink of two eyes, and shake of a wand you went from infant to teen to … this.” He looked like a kid, barely old enough to drive a car.

Braeden looked a little confused and then said, “What just happened? Where am I?”

Eugenia said, “Right this way my darling little angel. And by the way, your name is Braeden.  You are a newly born angel.  We don’t know the reason why but we can only speculate that you did something great on earth, died, and God said you could be an angel. So here you are. Welcome to Angel Academy. Your first step to your training.”

He was naked, but he didn’t seem to notice. He only noticed when Eugenia waved her hands and a silver and white tunic magically appeared on his brand new angel body. It was simple yet ornate at the same time. There was a glimmering braided edging around the arm openings. His tunic actually was sleeveless, showing off his muscular arms.  It was cut short and stopped toward the top of his thighs.  The back of the tunic showed his muscular defined back. He didn’t have any wings yet, but the tunic was designed for when he would have them. It also had silver wrapped braiding at the bottom. On his feet were a pair of black and gold sandals. He stood about 5’8′”, he had blond hair and would be considered stunningly attractive on Earth by mortals. His perfect white teeth matched his white tunic. He was after all, an angel. He noticed that Eugenia and other admissions angels were all wearing the same tunic.

Braeden tugged away and said “Whoa, no one said I had to go through any training.  And yeah, I am starting to remember a conversation like that.”

Eugenia laughed and said, “Well you can’t just wish to be a full-fledged angel just like that.  You will train here for a couple hundred years before you graduate.  Come on now, you’ve already wasted twenty years since you died. We don’t have eternity.”

Braeden seemed a little reluctant but he made his way over and followed Eugenia.  He wasn’t sure why but he couldn’t remember anything about who he was before he was an angel. He found out he died. But why couldn’t he remember his identity?

“You can stop wondering that right now Braeden” said Eugenia.

“What?” he sputtered back.

She replied back, “You were wondering who you were on earth.” She raised an eyebrow.

“How did you know that?” he exclaimed.

“Well sweetie, this isn’t heaven, but it’s just like it only better.  We communicate through thoughts to each other. God communicates to us through feelings, which is why we radiate so much love in our presence. The moment you agreed to be an angel you also agreed to start fresh and new. So your memory was wiped. Or as your time would say, it was deleted and reformatted.”

Braeden said, “Why would I have to give up my memory of who I was to be an angel?”

Eugenia said, “You chose to give it up. You only gave up your identity. You have all your memories. The only thing you don’t know is your name. Now you do. It’s Braeden. Lovely name.  I made it up myself. One of the perks of my job.”

Braeden looked around and saw he wasn’t the only one that had just been born.  Other angels, boys and girls were going through the same process that he was.  Eugenia was only one of many admissions angels. While he stood there he met Sally, Tonia, Alexis, Gertrude, Cecil, Hunter, and Maximus. Like himself, they were all just as confused. Each one was escorted by an Admissions Angel and they left in a cloud of gold and silver Angel Dust.

Eugenia didn’t wait any longer. She had a lot of work to do, so with a blink of a eye she grabbed his hand and they “twinkled” out of the Great Hall to another glorious room.

End of Chapter 1.

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