#Manuscript Backup

If there is one piece of advice for an author that I would give, it would be “Always have an electronic backup of your manuscript.” 


Yesterday I went to go work on my manuscript and the website that was hosting it was gone. I was very scared. I didn’t have a backup. I was counting on this reliable company to back it up for me and to always be there. It never occurred to me what I would do if the company all of the sudden was gone. I panicked.  Then I went into a meditation and calmed myself.  Of course it would be back very shortly. Of course the angels would help me out on this.

When I came out of my meditation, the site was back up again.  Relief. However, I could not access any of the files. Evidently it was not a 100%.  This morning the site was back up and everything was fine. As a precaution, I downloaded the XML file and imported into Angel.Academy.  The thought of having to retype a hardcopy manuscript is terrifying.  Always have a hardcopy, and always keep an electronic copy safe in your Dropbox.