Chapter 2 – Angel Dust

Angels get around the universe by “twinkling”. Just like the stars twinkle in the sky at night, angels twinkle in a burst of beautiful, silently exploding colors that teleport the angels to wherever they want to go and leave glittery Angel Dust behind. If you look in the sky at night you can actually see angels twinkling from place to place.


New angels are born without wings and a halo,  and do not know how to twinkle. Full-fledged angels have their wings and halo, and can twinkle quite easily. Like antlers on a deer or a goat, wings grow with age, time, or by exception. Exceptions include performing a good deed or saving a life. When angels are still training in Angel Academy it’s kind of hard for them to grow their wings. Most angels get their wings when they are an apprentice. It is very common for an angel to twinkle in to a place with their wings and halo shining bright. For those who have witnessed an angel descending from the skies, it appears that a spotlight is shining down on the angel. It is a glorious and magnificent spectacle.


Some of the really ancient “celebrity” angels, like Gabriel and Michael, have the largest wings of all. Raphael once came to the Great Hall to announce the birth of a special child on earth, and his wings were each over a hundred feet wide, almost cloaking the room in the darkness of their shadows. Watching an angel expand or retract its wings is an amazing spectacle. It is almost like watching a peacock proudly display its feathered shield of beauty. Angel wings, of course, are not made of real feathers, but are instead made of energy that has taken the shape of feathers. Angel wings dissolve into white or gold Angel Dust and then disappear. Although humans cannot actually see the wings, some are sensitive to energy and can actually feel or sense them. Some have even reported hearing the sound of wings, like the sound of a bird taking off in flight. On some occasions an angel feather has been found and mistaken for the feather of a dove.


Angel Energy can take on any form that an angel chooses. An angel can instantly create a flaming sword or shield out of its own energy, and then quickly dissolve it to Angel Dust. Angels also have a magical and extremely powerful bow and arrow created out of Angel Energy. Each angel has a specific function, and some angels have multiple responsibilities. For example, a Guardian Angel cannot help a soul fall in love; only a Cupid Angel has the magical power to do that. There aren’t as many Cupids as there are other kinds of angels. Cupids actually have to work a lot harder than any of the other angels, which is probably why no one wants to be a Cupid. Guardian Angels have the best job; all they have to do is “keep an eye on things,” and even if they slip up, the slip up is blamed on the Angel of Death.


No one likes to mess with any of the Angels of Death. Guardian Angels and Warrior Angels have fought tirelessly against the Angels of Death. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. The battles are huge, and the outcomes depend on the willpower and faith of the human soul. When a human is on the edge of life, nearing death, such as in a hospital surgery, there is someone literally fighting to save that human soul. An epic battle ensues between good and evil on the astral plane. Warrior Angels typically do not interfere with the Angels of Death. Warrior Angels defend heaven. They are on earth to fight against the evil demons that hide among humans. Demons who try to do hurtful things do not survive when they come across these Warrior Angels. Some evil demons take the form of hurricanes, earthquakes, famines, and wars.


The Angels of Death are beautiful and scary… what is more beautiful than death itself? The Angels of Death usually appear as females who are kind and very trustworthy. Many of these angels are recognized for their somewhat “compassionate nature”, and take souls who are in pain and are suffering; they are also known as Angels of Mercy. There are humans on earth who have also taken on that role, many of them being doctors or nurses, or workers in hospice. There are thousands of Angels of Death, as there are thousands of people that die every day. A lot of people picture the Angel of Death as a grim-reaper-type carrying a sickle and wearing a dark cloak, when actually they are quite gorgeous with glowing light surrounding them. Many times they will go to a dying person in the shape and form of someone that that person loved; the soul is more willing to leave its human form when it thinks that it is going with a loved one. A human may see one as someone standing in front of the sun, or in front of a bright light, and then in a flash they are gone. In a twinkle and a blink, an ordinary person watching would be left wondering if they imagined something, or if their eyes were playing tricks on them.


Watching a Guardian fight an Angel of Death is a rare event. Many times the fight begins as a civil conversation between two angels while sitting in a waiting room of a hospital, just talking it out. Then, one will walk out alone, and the other will be holding the hand of the soul. While you may imagine it as a bloody, gory battle to the end, it’s really not. Angels don’t bleed, and they usually don’t die either. They do carry flaming swords that quickly scare away almost every evil entity. Esmeralda, an Angel of Death, took out an entire civilization back in ancient times with one Light Arrow; humanity experienced it as Mount Saint Helens erupting. Yes, the Angels of Death are certainly a power that one does not want to mess with. An interesting thing about Angels of Death, is that they are not “on” one side or the other. Sometimes when they take a soul, they don’t take it to heaven. Instead they take it… down there. At Angel Academy they are called mercenaries… angels that didn’t quite fit in at Angel Academy.

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